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The ice is hot!

In winter Lake Neusiedl turns into the biggest natural ice-skating rink in central Europe

The ice surface area covers more than 320 km²  in total and there is enough space for winter enthusiasts of all types: Ice skaters, ice yachters and ice windsurfers, ice kitesurfers and even ice cyclists do their thing on the frozen lake.
All ice areas can be reached easily from the recreation area in Podersdorf am See and benches are available to help with the putting on of ice-skates.

Winter happiness on Lake Neusiedl

If runners, sails and kites are too much for you, you can also take long, romantic walks on the Pannonian ice.
Ladders and ropes are available in the recreation area of Podersdorf am See in case of an accident.

  • Main entrance – at the cashier points
  • North beach
  • South beach

Cross-country ski run in Podersdorf am See

Tracks for a cross-country ski run along the shore and on the frozen "Lacke" and are being prepared when the weather conditions are appropriate.
Ambitious fans of cross-country skiing cavort around in winter where in summer thousands of wind-surfers and sun-lovers come to enjoy themselves.
The run is prepared daily and runs past the romantic reed island and the light house.