Castle in Halbturn

Baroque jewel

The castle in Halbturn was the imperial family´s hunting and summer residence.

The castle in the north of Burgenland with its magnificent castle park is one of Austria´s most precious historic sights.
The attractive culture program with numerous events, the premium winery as well as the castle hotel and the restaurant Knappenstöckl attract thousands of visitors every year. In the middle of April it starts with the annual exhibition, in August there is the horse show „Lipizzaner & Friends“ – a spectacular show program for the whole family – and the garden show „Gartenlust“ at the historic atmosphere of the castle. Another highlight is the annual Christmas market that takes place on 3 weekends during Advent. There you will find exquisite arts, culinary specialties and a diverse accompanying program.

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The silk route

This year´s exhibition at the castle in Halbturn is about a two thousand year old phenomenon that couldn´t be more topical – the silk route. This net of trading routes that spreads over more than 12,400 km began in Changan, China´s former capital (today´s Xi´an) and connected East Asia via Central Asia with the Mediterranean.

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