“Cast off” at Lake Neusiedl

A sailing tour at Lake Neusiedl offers splashes of water and tons of fun.

No other lake in Austria offers that much wind and sun! Due to the permanent wind and shallow water, the waves at Lake Neusiedl are short and steep. Thus, a sailing tour on Lake Neusiedl may equal splashes of water and wet fun.

Less wind means optimal conditions for beginners. Strong wind is for the pros. There is a free dock for day sailors at the pier next to the lighthouse. At the lighthouse, there is also a visual storm warning – orange flashing light.

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Sailing out into the


Sailing for young and old skippers

In 2016, the southern harbor in Podersdorf am See was installed. It offers berths in the water and on land.

Lake Neusiedl ranks internationally as most popular venue for regattas.

Top performances at high wind strengths

High wind strengths do not only make the waves go wild like at the sea, they also make the sailors deliver top performances. This is when the pros demonstrate their know-how. You will be thrilled – no matter if you use your own boat or borrow one and no matter if you´re a pro or a sailing student.

Ever since the holding of the World Sailing Games in 2006, Lake Neusiedl ranks internationally as most popular venue for regattas.

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Lake Neusiedl is not just a place to chill out and splash around, but has developed as a top destination for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other water sports. Lake Neusiedl is perfect for water sports.

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