The Surf Mecca at the lake

Only flying would be better?

You´d only think that when you have never danced with the wind. And when you hang in the trapeze while surfing, the wind rattles through the sail and you feel: Robby Naish wasn´t that much faster with his speed of legendary 90 km/h… then you will be pleased with yourself and the world. An unforgettable feeling. And the girls at the beach will scream Ah! and Oh! and are willing to celebrate their hero. If they are not surfing themselves (and even better)…

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When the lake turns into a red carpet...

… and the surfers are wearing their little or big black dress.

No one is borne a Robby Naish

At the surfing schools in Podersdorf there is always the guarantee that the wind blows. This is nothing risky and has also nothing to do with weather forecast; this is simply the result of many years of experience and knowledge of the microclimate. The wind belongs to Lake Neusiedl like the storks belong to Burgenland. Also something typical about Lake Neusiedl: the reed belt. However, the beach in Podersdorf does not lead through the reed belt. Those who start working their surf boards and still don´t have a clue of what to do appreciate the fact that they will not end up in the reed.

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Lake Neusiedl is not just a place to chill out and splash around, but has developed as a top destination for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other water sports. Lake Neusiedl is perfect for water sports.

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