restaurant “Seewirt Karner”

restaurant “Seewirt Karner”

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A laid back hotel needs a laid back restaurant

Our menu showcases the richness of our area - fresh fish, meat and sungrown vegetables. Traditional recipes prepared with a modern twist will put a smile on your face.

Pannonian delights

Served with a glass of wine of the best winerys and with the fantastic sunset in the background our food will make you a regular guest quickly. Our newest addition is our homemade "Karner Bay Gin" - the name paying reference to the beautiful bay we are settled in. A perfect drink for a perfect days´end.

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Seewirt Karner GmbH

Strandplatz 1


Podersdorf am See

T: +43 2177 2415

F: +43 2177 2415 30


W: Seewirt Karner

Opening hours

Opening hours

Gültig von 01.09. bis 30.09.2023

Geöffnet an diesen Tagen: MO SA SO

Uhrzeit: von 11:30 bis 21:00 Uhr

Gültig von 01.09. bis 30.09.2023

Geöffnet an diesen Tagen: DI DO FR

Uhrzeit: von 17:00 bis 21:00 Uhr

Am See

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Entdecke in unserer interaktiven Karte alles, was es zwischen Wasser und Wolken in und rund um Podersdorf so gibt.

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