Seehof Hotel-Restaurant

Seehof Hotel-Restaurant

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In the kitchen, where the chef himself personally swings the cooking spoon, Burgenland delicacies, culinary delights from the Seewinkl vegetable garden or international dishes are prepared for you with great refinement and love.

You can end the day on the terrace with an exquisite glass of wine from the in-house winery, while enjoying a romantic sunset.

Speciality: RISOTTO in every variation

We will also be happy to put together menus and dishes according to your wishes.

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Hotel - Restaurant Seehof

Seeufergasse 23


Podersdorf am See

T: (0043) 2177 2380

F: (0043) 2177 2380 8


W: Seehof Gisch

Opening hours

Opening hours

Gültig von 01.04. bis 15.10.2020

Geöffnet an diesen Tagen: MO DI MI DO FR SA SO

Uhrzeit: von 10:00 bis 22:00 Uhr

Am See

frischer Wind

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Entdecke in unserer interaktiven Karte alles, was es zwischen Wasser und Wolken in und rund um Podersdorf so gibt.

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