Surf Shop Upsidedown

Surf Shop Upsidedown

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Our motto since 1991: 100% passion for water sports. Our surf store Upsidedown is the largest surf/kite store in Austria and we are at home in the top spot of Podersdorf. We see our work primarily as a service provider, we not only help you to find the best product for you, we also repair your damaged windsurf boards, kites or sails. Even after more than 30 years, the boss still tests all new products himself and our team spends every free minute on the water - one reason why we have the best knowledge of our products. We've been called "nerds" at various dealer meetings because of our product knowledge, but in this case it's cool to be a nerd! In addition, we have our own test center where you can try out many boards/sails/kites and our own kite station - at you get the best service in every respect.

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