People get the best ideas by the water. Maybe that's why the cuisine in the Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel region is so diverse. 

Anyone who has ever bitten into a freshly caught and crispy fried fish while looking out over the lake and enjoyed a light white wine with it, while the wind blows gently across the lake, will understand. He knows why enjoyment is so important in Podersdorf am See. And he thinks about it. What to eat next? The selection of excellent regional specialties is long. And tempting. Fish and goose. Magalitsa pig and ... 

Oh you know what? Just come by! There will be something for you in the many restaurants, inns and pubs in the Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel region. There must be a reason why people from all over the world come here to eat - not only the sailors who are stranded here knowing full well. Yes, ok. Some also come for the wine. Or for the bath. But our favorite guests are those who want to experience the Pannonian all-round package of culinary delights, including See la vie. And preach water - and drink wine. 

Products of outstanding quality and uniqueness!

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Pleasure in

Unpronounceable as well as unforgettable delicacies from Mangaliza pig or steppe beef, over Grammelpogatscherln and freshly caught fish from Lake Neusiedl to Seewinkler fruit and vegetables.

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