National Park

Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel

National Park Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel

About 100 km² of the cross-border National Park Lake Neusiedl - Seewinkel are located on Austrian territory, 200 km² on Hungarian territory. The national park is especially known for its abundance of birds. You can discover up to 350 different bird species here. But there are many more aspects that make it special.

At first glance, the region appears flat and level. On closer inspection, however, you learn to pay attention to subtleties in the relief and to love incomparable landscape. The National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel impresses with incredible diversity in the animal. And flora. Nestled between the last foothills of the Alps and the Little Hungarian Plain, you will find an unforgettable mosaic of meadows, salt marshes and, last but not least, Lake Neusiedl with its reed belt. Each of these habitats is home to countless species.

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A special spot on earth reveals itself to cyclists, hikers and runners who make their way from Podersdorf to Illmitz - right through the nature reserve. No one knows exactly why, but this place is blessed by sun and wind. More info about hell

Lake Neusiedl & reed belt

Lake Neusiedl is a rather young lake with its approx. 13000 years. Tectonic collapses in the area of today's Hanság formed a first lake basin, another one followed south of Neusiedl. Subsequent depressions in the southern part created the present lake basin, but at the same time the shallow Hanság silted up.Today the lake basin covers an area of about 320 km². More than half of it - 180 km² - is covered with reeds. The average depth of the lake is slightly more than one meter.

Approximately 180 km² is the area of the reed belt around Lake Neusiedl. This wilderness of reed stalks, water and mud thus represents the second largest contiguous reed area in Europe.

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Lake Neusiedl has long been considered more than just a recreational and swimming lake, in recent years it has become a top destination for surfers, sailors, kiters and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

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