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Kitesurfing on the lake

best kitesurfing area in Austria

Kitesurfing unlimited. For beginners, intermediates and pros

The facts speak for themselves: high wind probability, flat water, four kitesurfing schools, surf stores, good infrastructure on the beach. The north beach in Podersdorf is an Eldorado for kitesurfers. Ideal for beginners, but also extremely popular with professionals. The wind blows mainly from the northwest, in the summer months often from the southeast to southwest. The kitesurfing schools on the north beach and the secluded south beach offer courses for all levels, private lessons, equipment rental and boat service. Click here for the kitesurfing schools.
what are youwaiting for? Packyourbags andcomekitesurfinginPodersdorf am See!

If you're looking for a storage option for your equipment right on the beach, you'll find it here.

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High fun & action factor at the lake

this offers the new trend sport at Lake Neusiedl. The kiting area in Podersdorf am See is the north-north beach.

Surf Storage

Exclusive storage right on the beach

Are you looking for a safe and convenient way to store your surf, kite or SUP equipment directly on the beach? The specially designed boxes in our surf storage are generously sized (W 3.50 x H 0.80 x D 0.80 m) and are stacked in practical piles of three on top of each other. The storage is located about 100 meters from the lake. For added security, the boxes are lattice boxes and can be secured with your own padlock. The annual rent for a box is 480 euros, plus a deposit of 21.80 euros for the access key to the building.

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Lake Neusiedl has long been considered more than just a recreational and swimming lake, in recent years it has become a top destination for surfers, sailors, kiters and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

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