One lake. Shallow water, great variety.
And in any weather. Perfect.

It is the bathtub of the Viennese. That's what they say. For the paddlers, for the comfortable swimmers and the children. It is a sportsman's paradise. For the surfers, the sailors and the new moderns - the kiters. For all water sports freaks and freaks. For beginners and professionals. It is the cooling for the cyclists and runners. For the golfers and tennis players. And offers the most beautiful backdrop for the most diverse sports opportunities in the country. Our Neusiedlersee. Naturally, there is a little local patriotism involved, with so many different outdoor fitness options.

But we can also make it simpler. And say it the way we see it. Lake Neusiedl is simply the perfect place for everyone who likes to be outside. Who love movement. Whether on the water or on land. For all those who love nature. And know what they have in it. And for all those who want to enjoy it all year round. Thanks to the mild climate, the water sports season starts in March. The hardy come even earlier. Thanks to neoprene.

Top area for surfers, sailors, kiters and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

I've seen a lot, experienced a lot. And despite my many trips, Podersdorf is definitely one of the best kitespots in the world.

Peter Pichler, kiteriders

Cycling dreams become reality in the area around Podersdorf am See - nature, exercise and happiness come together on two wheels. 

Philipp Waldherr, Cycling Waldherr

Running through the national park is not only a good workout, it also lets me recover from the stress of everyday life.

Wolfgang Gisch, marathon runner

When the lake calls, nothing keeps me ashore!

Andreas Karner, kitesurfer

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Lake Neusiedl has become a top destination for surfers, sailors, kiters and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Even inexperienced amateur athletes can pursue all water sports here.

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