Mangalitsa pig

The swallow-bellied pig is one of the oldest, purely preserved European pig breeds.

Because of the unusual coat with undercoat and curly bristles, the Mangalitsa is also called "wool pig". The head, back and outside of the legs are black. The belly, throat and inside of the thighs are silvery. The piglets look like wild boar fries. Their thick layer of blubber and hair coat protect these hardy pigs from extreme weather - both cold and heat. That's why they can live outdoors all year round if they have a shelter and a mud hutch.

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The enclosure

is located on the cycle path B 10 in the direction of Illmitz - is about 2.5 km outside Podersdorf am See and can be visited all year round.

The meat of the mangalitsa pigs

is of excellent quality.

A particular specialty is the ham, which can be tasted in many establishments.

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