Erwin Moser Museum

Do you know the ERWIN MOSER MUSEUM?

In GOLS, Burgenland, very close to Lake Neusiedl, there has been the ERWIN MOSER MUSEUM since 2014. In the historic ambience of the Weinkulturhaus on the main square, the art of ERWIN MOSER has found a permanent home. The internationally known children's book author and illustrator ERWIN MOSER, who comes from Gols, has written and drawn more than 100 books in over 30 years. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and have received numerous awards. In the ERWIN MOSER MUSEUM more than 70 illustrations and sketches are exhibited, as well as the original handwritten manuscript of his first novel "Jenseits der großen Sümpfe" (Beyond the Great Marshes), published in 1980 by Beltz&Gelberg (D). Annual changing exhibitions on the themes of Erwin Moser's books.

Photos by Manfred Horvath,
Illustrations by Erwin Moser, copyright by Ruth Moser





His imaginatively narrated and drawn books are of a special warm-heartedness; they have significantly shaped the literary landscape and have long been part of the canon of German-language children's and youth literature.

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