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Litore Sicco

Escape fans prick up their ears!

An environmental disaster is approaching! Lake Neusiedl is about to dry up completely. Within a very short time, the water level has dropped rapidly. Strange finds this especially environmental biologist Ursula, who can not give a natural explanation, something is going on here in Podersdorf am See.
The drying up has extreme effects on tourism and the environment. Entire livelihoods depend on the lake, from guest room rentals, restaurants to shipping companies.
The absence of tourists causes a big minus business for the economic operators and a lot of concern for the residents.

Use your 5 senses and get to the bottom of it. Hurry up, otherwise it may be too late and Lake Neusiedl will resemble a desert!

Lake's Escape provides a new and innovative way to spend your free time. With clever brains and together in a team, the tricky Escape games can be solved in the outdoor area. Are you ready to get to the bottom of the mysterious goings-on at the lake?
Litore Sicco and all other Escape puzzles can be booked at www.lakesescape.at. Start and end point will be announced at the time of booking!

Cost per detective team:
Team of 2: € 40,-
team of 3/4: € 55,-
5/6er-Team: € 65,-




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Lake Neusiedl has long been considered more than just a recreational and swimming lake, in recent years it has become a top destination for surfers, sailors, kiters and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

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