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Lake windsurfing

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Windsurfing on Lake Neusiedl: Lots of wind, shallow water and pure freedom!

When the wind at Lake Neusiedl shows its best side again and tears the sun hats off the heads of many ... then the windsurfers take advantage of the hour(s). The surfboard under their feet and their hands firmly on the boom. A feeling of pure freedom. The high wind yield and the shallow waters of Lake Neusiedl have made Podersdorf the surfing Mecca in Austria. Thanks to the ideal conditions, beginners can learn quickly and easily. The surfing and sailing school Nordstrand and the surfing and sailing school MissionToSail on Südstrand are the places to go for ambitious students and water sports enthusiasts without their own equipment. Both schools work with state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained, experienced instructors. Despite all the fun, great importance is attached to safety.
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When the lake becomes a red carpet...

... and the windsurfers compete in the small or big black.

Surf Storage

Exclusive storage right on the beach

Are you looking for a safe and convenient way to store your surf, kite or SUP equipment directly on the beach? The specially designed boxes in our surf storage are generously sized (W 3.50 x H 0.80 x D 0.80 m) and are stacked in practical piles of three on top of each other. The storage is located about 100 meters from the lake. For added security, the boxes are lattice boxes and can be secured with your own padlock. The annual rent for a box is 480 euros, plus a deposit of 21.80 euros for the access key to the building.

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Lake Neusiedl has long been considered more than just a recreational and swimming lake, in recent years it has become a top destination for surfers, sailors, kiters and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

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