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The treasure of the old fisherman

A puzzling bike adventure for the whole family

Welcome strangers!

Have you met the old fisherman named Wentzel? That is, he used to be a fisherman. Now he just lives from day to day... And is looking for the treasure. The treasure of the old sea witch Yrmel.
Over time, he has found many clues that lead to the place where this legendary treasure is said to be hidden. Unfortunately, most people here think he's crazy and don't want to help him in his search....
Unfortunately, he is already too old and frail to visit all the places, follow all the clues and solve the riddles... But you, you still seem strong and active enough!
Do you want to help him recover the treasure? We heard that he would be willing to share it with you!
If you agree, he will show you the way to the places where the clues are hidden. And if you want, along the way he will tell you his story and how he became who he is. Of course, he can't accompany you, you know, old age... But even though he's old, that doesn't mean he doesn't know about modern technology! Every time you solve a task, you'll receive a code that will allow you to listen to part of his story on a website...

Hurry up before someone else finds the treasure!

The booklet for the bike riddle rally is available free of charge at the tourist office!

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The stations

The following pages can only be opened with the solution of the respective station.

1. the mysterious cross

2. the old windmill

3. the strange pegs

4. the lighthouse

5. the fork fountain

6. the water basin

7th bike puzzle rally end

There is always something to do at the lake...

for the whole family

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