Shipping Knoll - bicycle ferry

Shipping Knoll - bicycle ferry

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Discover Lake Neusiedl with the bicycle ferry from Schiffahrt Knoll - comfortably from Podersdorf to Rust. Enjoy a picturesque crossing and explore the charming region on two wheels.

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Shipping Knoll

Main Dam Mole


Podersdorf on the lake

T: +43 2177 2431

M: +43 664 131 79 39

F: +43 2177 2431


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By the lake

fresh wind

Interaktive Karte

Discover everything between water and clouds in and around Podersdorf in our interactive map.

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Tourist Office Podersdorf
am See.

main street 4-8
A-7141 Podersdorf am See
+43 (0)2177 2227

Tourist office: 0043 21772227