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The new face of the pier in Podersdorf am See

The winner of the design competition for the new face of the pier in Podersdorf am See has been determined: The team "Architekten Söhne & Partner" and "lescha & partner" prevailed against strong competition. The project impressively proves that the interests of tourism can also be reconciled with those of nature and landscape conservation. The careful handling of this sensitive area was the main focus of the competition.




Modern harbor for bicycle ferries, day harbor for sailing and electric boats
Gastronomy with walkable green roof
Massive upgrading of the pier (path and green design)
Deconstruction of the buildings, which prevented the view to the lake
Generous strolling area by enlarging the public area (park design)

Voices on the project:

Mayor Michaela Wohlfart: "The area to and around the lighthouse - that is our calling card. At peak times, 1,000s of people pass through there every day. In the meantime, the lighthouse is not only a trademark of the municipality, but already stands for the whole of Burgenland".

Managing Director Rene Lentsch: "The special location, the view of the lake - that is our focus. The buildings must subordinate themselves to nature as much as possible and not vice versa!"

Rudolf Golubich, chairman of the Friends of Lake Neusiedl: "In the draft presented to us, there is an honest effort to harmonize tourism development with cultural and nature conservation. This makes us confident that we can hope for a showcase project here."

(c) Söhne & Partner Architekten and lescha & partner, Podersdorf am See

The full press release is available here.

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Our joy is boundless. Podersdorf is the only place on Lake Neusiedl that lies directly on the water.

What is the saying? Shared joy is double joy. Therefore, we do not want to deprive you of this unique place. In Podersdorf you can breathe freedom and feel the vastness. Vacation with a good portion of vitamin sea. So good.

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After all the years on the road and at the best windsurf spots in the world, there is nothing better for me than to go on the water with my friends at my home spot - Podersdorf. 

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Welcome to the most family-friendly beach of Lake Neusiedl; it's time for tracks in the sand!

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Even fun-loving night owls get to see and experience a lot in Podersdorf!

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Running through the national park is not only a good workout, it also lets me recover from the stress of everyday life.

Wolfgang Gisch, marathon runner

When the lake calls, nothing keeps me ashore!

Andreas Karner, kitesurfer


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